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When you want to get strong, you go to the gym.

When you want to learn something new, you go to the library (or Google).

When you want to become a great musicians, you practice your instrument.

But what do you do when you just want to get to know the social side yourself (i.e., how to say what you mean, be honest with people, share your goofy side)?

The Answer: The Social Beings Project.


The Social Beings Project is a series of interactive and experiential "edutaining" workshops to learn, practice, and apply 

social dynamics. Together, we explore the conversations of what it means to be human to help you dominate it. 


Each workshop is a different theme where you’ll be led through two hours of facilitated activities, conversations, and group challenges. You'll play games, learn fact, practice skills, and connect with people (without using WiFi). We pick up where trust falls and icebreakers left off to have conversations like:

  • How to be honest and not a douche

  • How to unlock your own sense of play

  • How to not always procrastinate

  • How to get someone to care about what you care about

It’s sometimes loud, sometimes quiet, sometimes risky, but always fun.

Are you interested in growing?  Like interesting experiences? Appreciate a good time? Introvert? Extrovert? Another professional in Greater Boston looking to meet new people in a way that doesn’t involve the bar scene or “swiping right”? Then, yeah, you’ll dig this.


Whether you’re looking to connect more with people at work, empower yourself as a leader, build community or simply find something playful and educational on a weeknight, the Social Beings Project is for you.

Re-Launching April 2018


$10 Per Workshop*

*Don't let the cost of a beer be the reason you don’t come by.

Talk to Katie and we’ll figure something out.

Katie Greenman, M.A. is the founder of HumanSide, a value-driven leadership development firm that designs and delivers programs aimed to catalyze leadership and normalize humanness. She earned her undergraduate and master’s degree from Tufts University where she focused on the social and emotional skills behind leadership effectiveness. Greenman is a recognized facilitator and speaker who has led hundreds of workshops for students, young professionals, executives and entrepreneurs from the University halls to the United Nations, from teepees on mountains to teams on Capitol Hill. The Social Beings Project is her way to make the conversations she thinks matters most accessible to those who want them. 

Call: 617-682-9367



"This has been an absolutely amazing introspection on how I am with others.​"

- Jessica White, 26

“The Social Beings Project is the highlight of my week! It feels like a safe space to work on the social skills I find so useful in my everyday life.”

- Denny Chang, 34

“The class time with everyone is so great and educational, but breaking off into smaller groups is where the real magic happens. I LOVE having these intimate conversations!”

- Mike Dixon, 27

“Katie's workshops are fantastic. They really allow you to open up and discuss difficult and vulnerable ideas and issues in a safe setting. I plan on attending all the workshops!”

- Katherine, 26

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